Inside our studio + showroom is a workshop space available for rent by small groups to share and learn art skills together. Maybe you are looking for an alternative space to host your next family event or work meeting? If you are an instructor or non-profit group leader interested in renting our workshop, please stop by our showroom during open hours or reach out via email or phone for more details.

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$250/ 2.5 hrs

Within your rental time, you’ll receive two hours of our dedicated workshop space for classroom instruction for up to 12 students, plus 30 minutes to allow you to set up before and tear down afterwards. Room amenities include six workbenches, 14 stools, teaching station, work counter, power, Wi-Fi, water access, and aprons. $50 is due at time of placing workshop reservation + $200 is due the week of reservation, prior to class day. We will not ask for commission of any kind or portion of art class fees. For classes with children under age 16, we ask for an accompanying adult to be in attendance for the entire duration of class. Accompanying adults are included in max 12-person classroom occupancy.

Contact us for more details. Proof of non-profit status will be required for special pricing.


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