…personal introspection

Backstory: During my graduating senior college exit interview over 15 years ago, I made a promise to my amazing professor and academic advisor Fred Malven. While meeting with him, reviewing my career plans, he called me “a corvette driving in the slow lane”. He said I was “… a powerhouse, biding your time, eyeing your position, not yet going for it.” His inspiring metaphor has always stayed with me. Upon leaving his office that day, I meekly promised him that one day I would move into the fast lane. He replied “Awesome! I can’t wait to see how far you can go!'”

With almost a year since my last blog post, quite a lot has evolved in the studio. When I left off last May the winds of change were blowing through as they often do in life. I took a break from interior design work as something vaguely substantial was ruminating deep in my mind. Not knowing the precise direction I was headed, during the beginning of summer I found myself enrolling in continuing education graphic design classes through Parsons School of Design. Moving into fall I completed my coursework, all while planning our wedding; my husband Marc and I eloped at home in October. With a marriage, then traditionally comes a last name change, thus began my personal, rebranding feat to over 50 agencies and entities. I then decided to close my Daricilar Design Studio online interior design business, having successfully worked with 100’s of clients nationwide for the past five years. Lastly, I temporarily rebranded this blog to Halfrey Design Den, not knowing what would happen, but I was ready for a professional, fresh start.

With my newly minted graphic design credentials added to my resume, I began looking for a position that would somehow encapsulate my wide variety of design abilities. Having a unique combination of city planning, interior design with a passion for historic preservation, in addition, now graphic design, that’s all one job, right? During one of many conversations with Marc, this winter, about how my job search was going, we casually discussed whether I ever considered opening a physical business. That abstract idea hibernating in the back of my mind last spring then instantly turned into clarity. Once a rather large pluck of courage kicked in, this spring, what started as a daydream has now become a fast-sailing reality. Luck and great timing have found us a location perfect for what we have in mind. Paperwork is being filed, plans are being made, and the lease has been signed!

Remember my backstory? So, Professor Fred, I’m moving to the fast lane. We’re opening up a design studio! With over 15 years of design work experience, both commercial and residential, this corvette is ready to change lanes. How ironic life can be, as my past boss Al always had an encouraging expression for me while we worked on projects “…well Chief, that’s life in the fast lane!”

And so, as I close this blog, ladened with life metaphors and idiomatic expressions, I sit back and take it all in as an introspection. The most personal blog I’ve ever posted by far, written on the precipice of a new adventure. Marc and I are excited for our new place, HALFREY HOME, our interior design studio + furniture showroom, opening this summer 2023. We’re also developing a rentable workshop space within our studio for community art classes. If you’re in the Medfield area pop in and see us, we’ll be painting and unpacking boxes. From afar, visit us online at Halfreyhome.com and follow our exciting adventure on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. We look forward to joining the Medfield community in the upcoming months!

Thanks for reading, please join me again next time.

Sarah Halfrey, NCIDQ