Twinkle & Sparkle

The holiday season is upon us.  Its time to decorate the house, consume an abundance of decadent food, exchange gifts, and celebrate the Holy with friends and family.  Many, many years ago, I wrote a satirical poem regarding certain styles of holiday decorations considered then to be tacky.  It was full of sarcasm and snarky comments about plastic Santas, deflated snowman, and fallen down reindeer statues to name a few.  Fortunately, the poem met its bad karma and fell victim to a flood in my parents’ basement a decade ago in a waterlogged school keepsake box.

Since then, I’ve gained acceptance and opened my mind to all tastes of holiday decor and have attempted to write a new version of my holiday poem.  Please enjoy with an open heart and a laugh in your belly.



May all of your ornaments find a place, although arguments may occur on where that exact place is, remember they are all precious to someone.  No matter what your taste in holiday decorations, what’s important is that you enjoy the time with loved ones.  I wish you a healthy and happy holiday season.  Until next year, plastic Santa, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!!!santa


Sarah Daricilar, NCIDQ

Studio Owner & Interior Designer

Daricilar Design Studio    –    Medway, MA


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